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Kamekan Jujitsu


The Kamekan Dojo opened in April of 1990 and was in operation until September 2001. During that time, 15 instructional videos were produced and sold.


There were many martial arts instructional videos on the market at the time. Many were just videos of the instructor performing a demonstration without a clear explanation of the technique itself.


Our goal was to make instructional videos you could learn from. All of the instruction on the Kamekan videos are shown several times from multiple angles with close-ups when necessary.


The VHS tapes were first sold through advertisement in Black Belt and Inside Karate magazine as well as our online Ezine, “The MAFreeway”, until the closing of the Dojo in 2001. They were later converted to DVD and sold through Ebay. Now, with Amazon providing an easy way to market products, the DVD’s are again available for sale.


The Kamekan Dojo may be closed for now. But the spirit of the dojo and the techniques taught and learned there live on in the students who trained with us.